Club Facilities
The society occupies a large site on the Northern Boundary of Lower Delapre Park, which we have held on lease from Northampton Borough Council since 1965. When we first occupied the site it was a boggy wilderness covered with scrub between the many mature trees. Since then, drainage has been improved and undergrowth cleared from much of the site, though some has been retained as refuge for the abundant wild life.

A clubhouse, two workshops, a station building, three tunnels, a ticket office and three carriage sheds have been built. We have three running tracks - one elevated for 3½ inch and 5 inch gauge locomotives, one at ground level for 5 inch and 7¼ inch gauge locomotives and an elevated track accommodating 32mm and 45mm gauge.

We own a number of locomotives. These include a 16mm set, three 5in. gauge locos (1 steam, 2 battery electric) and three 7¼in. gauge locos (1 steam, 2 battery electric) for members to drive.

We have a number of full-size LMS goods vans which are used for storage. The Map of Delapre Site shows the layout of the site and facilities.

We have an extensive library to support our model engineering hobby.
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